Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to treat sore throat??

How to treat sore throat??
Let me show you few effective way~
1st: drink cooling water... I'm don't feel it work to me but it work to some of ppls...
To show how to recognize the real brand~ RM1.60 is the original three legs cooling water.... =)
RM1 is copy cat~
Listerine mouthwash~ help to kill the bacteria in throat...
Herbal Tea.. For convenient you can purchase the packaging from mini market... RM1 per pack
If you are free then better cook Barley(薏米),Chrysanthemum(菊花), Prunella(夏枯草)... RM1-2 per pack only
Fruits is effective too... Of cause is not all type of fruit.... Pear(水梨) is most work for me... RM2.50 each
Remember drink more water and rest more... For serious case of cause visit doctor~ Hehe

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