Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Costs of Liver Transplant in India & Singapore

It's an informative blog about Hepetitis B patient in Malaysia... As you know, when a Hepetitis B patient infected til serious stage must conducted liver transplant.... But in Malaysia, the only one hospital provided liver transplant is Government Hospital...

According to the doctor in GH, Malaysia Gov does not allowed live donor tranplant but only cadaver liver transplant... And the one doctor who able to do transplant operation already moved to singapore who is named as Dr.KC.Tan worked at Gleaneagles Singapore... Are you interested about the price of Liver Transplant in SG?? It's costed $300,000 means RM735,000... And the donor must bring by your own.

A friendly remind and advise, don't trust that eating chinese medicine herbs(珍珠草 etc)can treat your diseases.. It will only make your disease become more worse because your liver already can't help to detoxification.. My uncle experienced this so I hope you can save for your love one... Don't wait till the patient become very weak only decide to have liver transplant... It is too late as you know, the patient more health then the percentage of success in operation will be more high...

An important purpose to blog about this is for the family who is not so rich can try conduct liver transplant in India... It is the cheapest county for liver transplant... Please trust about the professional of medical and surgery in India...

I did sent an mail to asked about the procedure and cost in India.. Hope my information can help you...

At Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation in Delhi NCR, We do about 25 live donor liver transplants per month (A NEW LIVER, A NEW LIFE EVERYDAY AT MEDANTA!) with 95% success rate for patients and an excellent safety record for donors. Success means that these patients are able to live a normal life long-term. This makes us the most prolific and successful team in South Asia. In June 2010, our team became the first in South Asia to complete 600 liver transplants, and also the first to complete 50 transplants in children.
The liver donor MUST BE FROM THE PATIENT'S immediate or extended FAMILY, aged between 18-55 years, weighing between 50-90kg (but not fat), and have the same blood group or blood group O. We take half the liver from the donor and this is very safe since the liver quickly regenerates, and the donor recovers completely. Once you identify such a person, the following screening tests should be done for the donor:
Blood group, CBC, LFT, Prothrombin time, creatinine, HCV-Ab, HBsAg, HIV-I,II, Ultrasound abdomen, ECG, Chest x ray.
Plain upper abdominal CT scan for the liver and spleen attenuation values and Liver attenuation index.

The total expense of transplant and all related treatment for the patient
and the donor is around 55000 USDollars including pre transplant evaluation, transplant and post transplant follow up and local stay in nearby guest house.

The next step is to send us the medical reports, then identify a donor in the family, get the screening tests done and send them to me along with the weight, height and blood group details of the patient and the donor.

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