Thursday, May 19, 2011

Charles & Keith

Don't know start from when become the supporter of Charles & Keith... Most important is the products are lasting and quality.. Price still affordable and reasonable... More than 60% of this shop's product suit for my taste... >.<

RM195 or RM198 forgotten...

with purple color interior..
Penang has 2 franchise of Charles & Keith... one at 1st avenue and another one at Gurney Plaza...
RM169.90~ I did influenced my sister and my friend become this shop lover as well.. Can u imagine how good was their product?? (^0^)
I aiming for another one.. Hope it shipping soon to penang... =)

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  1. Our customer service credential gives candidates a recognized professional satisfactions, and one that is applicable to many industries (including luxury brands, restaurant/food service, fashion, etc.).

    Charles & Keith


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