Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cake Lover: 德式酥饼

I never saw this type of CNY kuih until I saw people post in facebook... Grab a simple recipe from google search... 4 ingredients to be ready, no proper step to follow and the most important is yummy... (^o^)v

Until 24 years old just know exists this kuih is really too late... Yup... me already 24 years old and this year is my rabbit year... Wish everyone chinese new year and healthy forever... Really rich is useless... Healthy is the best...

Ingredients :
奶油125 g
糖粉 40 g
马铃薯粉125 g
特幼粉 80 g

1. 奶油及糖粉一起打发
2. 倒入马铃薯粉及面粉,揉成软面团
3. 将面团分成小球,稍微压扁
4. 排入铺了纸的烤盘上,用叉子压出条纹
5. 放入烤箱.
150' 18分钟左右

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